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Boost XP contains more than 40 different utilities in one. It is not only a tweaking or optimizing program but a complete personal toolbox.

Boost XP is a complete collection of all of the necessary tools to keep your system running smooth, faster and errors free. It is an optimizing program plus your personal manager to increase the speed of your Window System. It is an ultimate system tools office. It is a combination of multiple utilities to fine your tune your performance. Boost XP not only includes to fine tune to your system but also includes utilities to keep hard disk clear and split/join files. Boost XP runs on all Windows versions XP/98/ME/NT/2000.
  • Personal management  
  • System Management  
  • Security Boost  
  • System Performance Boost  
  • Tweaking Options  
  • Registry Clean-Up and Backup Tools  
  • File System Boost Utilities  
  • Internet Explorer Boost  
  • Customised Windows 
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