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Digi-Watcher: Video Surveillance and Broadcast Solution

Video surveillance has never become so easy with our two security software: Watcher (download Version 2.21) and RemoteView (download Version 1.40). They provide a complete software solution for office or home security, remote video surveillance and broadcasting. 

Watcher is an intelligent webcam software. It monitors your home or office 24 hours a day, captures motion event using webcam, saves into compressed video clips with audio and triggers various alerts including ftp upload, email or phone. It also has camera image broadcasting capability, which can publish your webcam on a remote website or Watcher's embedded web server.

Watcher can run in stealth mode, it can also be scheduled, or run as an NT service. RemoteView is an additional free tool that can connect to Watcher via a telephone line (modem) or internet (TCP/IP). It enables you to do remote video surveillance from anywhere in the world by real time video/audio streaming.

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Cool Webcam Security Features and more!

Why is Digi-Watcher a better solution than other webcam software or video surveillance software in the market? Here are the reasons:

  • Watcher is the only webcam software that combines three features seamlessly: motion monitoring, remote video surveillance and webcam broadcasting!
  • Lots of other webcam software only capture images at certain interval, while Watcher software captures true video clips up to 640x480 frame size, and you can even enable audio capturing!

  • The events are completely logged, from the very beginning of or even seconds before the motion detection. A lot of surveillance software only start logging after motion is detected,  therefore fail to log down the triggering event that happens in the first few seconds.

  • The video log files produced by Watcher are well compressed to much less than 1% of its original size, and yet, the quality is guaranteed!

  • You can access the video log files remotely, and be informed any event happened at your home instantly without having to rush home.

  • The advanced motion detection algorithm allows you to set sensitivity, duration of capturing and a lot of other options. 

  • Watcher provides a comprehensive list of alert functions for your home security, such as ftp upload alert, email alert. It can also be configured to either dial a phone or to deter the intruder by playing a wave file when a motion is detected or to launch an application of your choice!

  • The RemoteView software will enable you to do remote video surveillance by connecting to Watcher. That is, you can view real time streamed video/audio from your web cam whenever you want and wherever you are through a phone line or internet.

  • RemoteView can even save the streamed video into its local hard disk. 

  • Watcher has the broadcasting capability, where you can broadcast the images captured from your camera on to the internet. Moreover, broadcasting can be performed simultaneously with monitoring.

  • Both Watcher and RemoteView can operate in a hidden mode with password protection. Watcher can even operate in stealth mode, i.e., totally invisible.

  • Our webcam software Watcher can easily be configured as an inexpensive multi-cam solution.

  • Watcher has auto-start options, and it can automatically start recording, monitoring, listening or broadcasting.

  • You can schedule Watcher to run at your desired time for desired duration, using the comprehensive Watcher Scheduler.

  • Watcher can run as an NT Service.

  • Last but not least, our webcam security software is extremely easy to use and stable. It has a nice and neat yet comprehensive user interface, which satisfies all your video surveillance needs.

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Why do you need such a home (office) video surveillance system? The answer is simple. Such a tool gives you peace of mind. It has almost all webcam security features. And with the addition of remote streaming and video broadcast capabilities, many scenarios can be accomplished, here are two possible scenarios:

  • You are in the office and worried about home, could there be someone who sneaked into your room?  Digi-watcher is the total solution. The Watcher program running on your home PC attached with the webcam will monitor any motion detected. It will call your hand phone or office phone or email you when a motion is detected.  Upon receiving such a call, you can immediately launch your internet explorer to check out images published by your webcam. You can also launch your RemoteView software in your office and connect to Watcher to check out what's going on at your home by watching real-time video. Even if you cannot use the RemoteView software at that time, the Watcher program will record the event into video clips for you to view later.
  • Both you and your wife are busy and cannot take care of your 3-months old baby during the day. Only the maid looks after your baby after both of you left home for work. But you love your baby so much and want to take a look at her/him from time to time to make sure that everything is all right. Using RemoteView software at your office together with the Watcher program running at your home PC, you can do it anytime, alternatively, put Watcher in broadcasting mode, and use Internet Explorer to view what's going on from anywhere in the world.

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