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Computers, PC-to-Phone Telephony, Conference Calling, Unified Messaging

Cognigen PC computers and computing products Cognigen PC offers all the Computing Products you'll ever need in one place. Plus - a great selections of related products such as printers, projectors, CD and DVD players/recorders and office products!

iConnectHere PC-to-Phone Service World's leader in Internet Telephony, with the largest privately managed Global IP network in existence. Make calls to any telephone in the world directly from your PC and save up to 75% off of your telephone bill.

Net2phone Store Dramatically reduces telephone bills by up to 95%. The Net2Phone Store features low cost calling solutions for individuals and businesses that have either narrowband (dial-up) or broadband (high-speed) Internet access.

CogniConference 9.9¢ per minute rate. Reservationless. CogniConference™ is designed for both business and personal/family use. CogniConference's state of the art system is perfect for board or business meetings or even getting together for the holiday, even if everyone can't afford to travel. Need to talk to your entire family at the same time? Do it over the phone!

CogniBox Versatile unified messaging system Send and receive messages to anyone in the world without incurring long distance charges, manage calls and faxes via email and effectivelly communicate with large amount of clients through customized messages!