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Step 01 - Website with a Theme

Dear Friend,

Here are some ideas for you to chew on your first affiliate marketing website with a theme:

Let's assume that you want to start a website business to promote products & services related to pet's health and first aid.

First you need to set a purpose for your affiliate marketing business. For example, "To be the top pet website in the world"

Plan what you want to put on your website. How you do it is important. You may want to go beyond just pet's health and cover other areas related to pets. Example, pet's accesories, food, etc. Since this is going to be an affiliate marketing business, it would only make sense to cover as much ground as you can surrounding your main theme. I've included two links where you can sign up for free and search for companies offering affiliate programs related to your theme. In this case, your search keywords would like by "pets" or "animals". Here are the links:

- Commission Junction
- Share-A-Sale

It is also important for you to include real content on your website related to your theme. Write your own articles, experiences and stories related to your theme and put them on your website and blend them well with the affiliate program links. You can use my website as a reference.

If you are internet savvy, you may want to include a forums to encourage your visitors to participate and share their experiences as well. By the way, if you have not gotten a web host yet, I would recommend ThirdSphere Hosting which has included all the features (especially forums, autoresponders, etc) that any web business owner would ever need for only US$24.94 a month.

Build your website correctly right from the start. You need not create many pages all at once. Start with maybe two or three pages if you are not sure how to start. To create a successful website is not that simple because after your website is created, the real challenge is to get your website visible on the Internet and Search Engines as soon as possible. And this is a topic that takes days to explain. What I mean is to get your website found in at least the first page of any search results. This is a really challenging task, which I will not explain here.

Now the trick to blend in other topics which may not seem directly related to your theme website. Take Rich Dad's products for example. You could create a page for pet owner's who are also looking for ways to make that little extra to pay their pets' expenses. You can entice them that they could create a site like yours and earn money as well as pursue a passion... so on... get the hint?

Ok. I'll stop here for now and hope you are not overwhelmed. Feel free to ask me any questions if there's any. I'm sure there will be. I will be able to help you along the way if you choose to use Thirdsphere Hosting because I know the hosting features well enough to help you set up your site.


David Tan