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Sentinel 2.0 - Full

Sentinel will work along with your Anti-Virus program to help it find hidden and active threats. Sentinel uses an advanced CRC32 algorithm (compiled in Assembly: so it is extremely fast) to verify the Integrity of your most important system files. If any files are changed, Sentinel will notify you; as well as your anti-virus/trojan application. Also included is RegWatch and AppWatch. RegWatch will notify users of newly added and modified Startup Registry entries (every method watched; even the 'not known' methods used by popular trojans such as Sub7). AppWatch will list users with every running Window; giving users the option of closing the process. Sentinel 2.0 also comes with the ability scan at Startup (Auto-Load) or use it's advanced scanning techniques to Shutdown (SecureShutDown). The Secure Shut Down method also watches your Wininit.ini and portions of the registry for frequently used 'tricks' to delete and/or modify system files.


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