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Research Desk
Research Desk

Windows XP/2000 Pro/ME/98







Introducing the world's first professional web browser!

It seamlessly integrates Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet into one powerful application.

Getting and staying organized is a breeze with Research Desk's workspaces. Workspaces feature a unique tabbed interface that allows you to open dozens of task specific websites and Microsoft Office documents - all in one place. You won't ever have to jump from application to application again! You can even save the entire contents of a workspace for easy reference.

Plus you can take advantage of the editing features of Microsoft Office, including highlighting, inserting sticky notes and spell check. Easily search across all open documents. And save entire web pages as Microsoft Word documents.

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  • Seamless integration of Microsoft Office and the Internet
    Research Desk integrates Microsoft Office and the Internet so you can open all your documents in one place!
  • Get Organized
    Research Desk's unique tabbed interface allow you to open multiple documents in one place. You can easily move from one document to the next and can search across all open documents. When you are finished, save the entire contents of the document for easy reference.
  • Comprehensive Editing
    Markup and save complete web pages with sticky notes and a highlighter. Even save web pages as Word documents for easy editing.
  • Manage Files
    Use the powerful File and Folder Manager to browse and open files and folders, even open all files in a folder with a single command!
  • Intercept Malicious File Downloads
    Integrated File Transfer Manager streams HTTP and FTP downloads and checks them for viruses (requires Norton, McAfee or other virus-scanner)
  • Speed up Web browsing
    Browse faster with Research Desk's automatic internet connection optimizations.





PC Magazine
"Jack-of-all-trades Research-Desk has research tools including an organizational tree with subdirectories (called layers), stops pop-ups, lets you annotate pages, and uses IE's Internet Options for control over security and other options. Help pops up as needed and actually disappears without your intervention; other little touches are equally welcome, such as the ability to lock the browser to prevent accidental page changes"
PC Magazine
  • Open multiple documents in one application
    View and Edit Office documents in Research-Desk - never use Word, Excel or PowerPoint standalone again.
  • Integrated Zip and UnZip
  • Grammar and spell checking when filling web forms (requires MS Word)
  • Browse dozens of Web sites simultaneously
    With the tabbed interface
  • Create workspaces
    Open and save dozens of web pages with a single command
  • Use Sticky Notes and a highlighter
    Make notes and highlight your favorite sections of Web pages.
  • Save complete Web pages
    Save even secure server (https) pages and archive your online transaction receipts.
  • Assign Security Zones
    Easily restrict security privileges (Java, ActiveX, cookies, file downloads) for all but your most trusted sites.
  • Automatically tune browser settings
    For dial-up or broadband (Cable, DSL, T1).
  • Speed up Web browsing up to 500%
    Research Desk uses up to 10 simultaneous "sockets" (versus 2 normally) over a single internet connection.
  • Block Unauthorized Popups and Flash
    Turn off annoying special effects and sounds on Web sites and ads.
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Buy it now for only $59.95 (USD)-
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