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Upload Photos and Share Your Online Albums

Uploading Photos to Pixagogo makes it really easy to share your digital photos.

If you want to share those nice megapixel photos of your exotic holiday, that great party, your children or even of the car you're selling, then emailing your photos will not be an option. Unless you're willing to resize your photos and send a lot of emails. If you are a web guru, you can of course build a website and upload photos to your own web page. For most people this is simply too complicated and for the others just not an acceptable day-to-day solution.

Pixagogo Photo Upload: simple and fast
Pixagogo offers an easy way to upload your photos to our secure data center and share these photos with friends and family, simply by sharing album links. By sharing these compact private album links instead of photos you by-pass e-mail technology limits and you avoid having to resize your photos. That means that viewers will be able to see your photos in all their full-resolution glory and have them printed if they like.

Uploading your photos means getting the digital photos from your hard drive or digital camera into your online photo albums on Pixagogo. Your digital photos must be saved in a popular file type such as JPEG (".jpg"). They very probably are already. To view a list of file types that Pixagogo supports, please click here.

You can upload your photos from within the Pixagogo web site. This is probably fine if you just have a few photos to upload. Otherwise it is a much better idea to download the free Pixagogo upload tool. Pixagogo Uploader is the fastest and most convenient way to upload your photos to your online photo albums. It can even keep going in the background while you are away or working on other items. You will be sharing your photos in minutes.

Preparing to upload photos using Pixagogo Uploader
(1) download Pixagogo Uploader
(2) save the 1 MB "PixagogoUploader.exe" file on your desktop
(3) double click the Pixagogo icon on your desktop to launch Uploader; you are now ready to start uploading your photos.

Upload Photos
In Pixagogo Uploader, you simply select the folder or photos you want to upload and click the upload button. You can also drag and drop your photos to the main Pixagogo Uploader window. That's all! You can have several uploads going on at the same time, and there are no file size restrictions. This way, uploading even hundreds of photos is no big deal.

Once the upload has finished your photos are safely stored in your Pixagogo account on our servers. You can take a look at your fresh new online album, you can start editing the album as well as start sharing it through e-mail or other media.

Pixagogo offers a 15 day free trial account. You could upload your photos in a few minutes time!