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 IT Asset Management 

Hardware & Software Tracker is one of our best selling software product, it's an absolute winner with corporate organisations having to manage a lot of PC's.

Hardware & Software Tracker is a network asset management or hardware monitoring software which allows you to maintain the inventory of all your hardware and software assets and the total cost of ownership. It is a great value for money product with pricing starting with as low as US$3 per PC being just 0.6% of an average PC cost.


Features of Hardware & Software Tracker

1) Auto Adding of Machines : No need to add the machine list in the machine master at the server. This software will automatically scan a range of IP addresses and see if the client module is installed and will extract the Hardware and Software information from all of them. The machine name, IP address and the department will automatically be added.
2) DHCP support : Usually where the number of machines exceed 100, companies prefer to automatically assign IP addresses to all the machines of the network. Not many software are able to support such kind of a setup as they track the machines based on the IP address. Hardware & Software Tracker has its own unique ID on which the machines are tracked and hence it does not matter if the IP addresses of the machines change.
3) Fantastic Reports : Letting you know the shifting of machines within departments, change in configuration of a PC over a period of time, etc
4) WAN Tracking : Possible through log files.

Functionality of Hardware & Software Tracker

The client module of this software will report to the server module with all the following details of all the computers in the LAN. It help managing and monitoring the Hardware & Software Inventory of the organization.

1. Network Adapter Information - Name, Description, AdapterType, Manufacturer, MacAddress
2. Bios Information - Name, Description, Manufacturer, Version
3. Disk Drive Information - Description, Manufacturer, InterfaceType, MediaType, Size,
4. Drive (Hard-Disk,Floppy..) - Name, Description, DeviceId, FileSystem, Size, FreeSpace
5. Domain Information - Name, Description, Domain, SystemType, PrimaryOwnerName
6. Keyboard Information - Name, Description
7. Memory Information - TotalPhysicalMemory, TotalPageFileSpace, TotalVirtualMemory
8. MotherBoard Information - Manufacturer, Product, SerialNumber, Version
9. Modem Information - Description, AttachedTo, DeviceType, Model, ProviderName
10. Mouse Information - Name, Description, Manufacturer, NumberOfButtons
11. Ports Information - Name, Description, Manufacturer, External & Internal ReferenceDesignator
12. Printer Information - Name, Capability, DriverName, PortName, ServerName, ShareName
13. Processor Information - Name, Description, Manufacturer, Version, ClockSpeed
14. Slot Information - Name, Description, Shared, SlotDesignation, Tag
15. Video Information - Adapter, Colors, Description, DeviceId, Name, VideoModeDescription
16. USB Controller Information - Name, Description, Manufacturer
17. Windows Information - Caption, Version, Name, Manufacturer, Organization
18. All Installed Software - Softwarename


Remote Installation

We will also give you a NT or a Novell Netware script with which you will be able to install the client module remotely from the server. Hence, you need not physically go to each machine to install the client module. In case you have multiple domains, you will need to use this script on all the servers.

WAN Based tracking

A separate exe which is a part of the package allows you to extract data into a local text file. This file can then be sent by email or floppy. The Server module can import information from such files and add it to its database. Rest all functionality will remain the same.

Shareware Limitation

If Hardware & Software Tracker is unregistered, it will allow you to track the information of just one machine of your network for 7 days. To manage all the machines, you need to purchase the licenses as many as the number of machines you want to manage. If you are purchasing through paypal, we will send you the key immediately and you can start using the full version right away. In case, you purchase using regnow, we will email you the key within 24 hours.

Download Hardware Software Tracker Presentation here

Hardware & Software Tracker Pricing
S.No License Cost (US$) Per Client (US$) Cost (Rs.) Per Client (Rs.)
1 100 Clients





2 200 Clients





3 400 Clients





4 Unlimited Clients