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Pronounciation Power 2
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Intermediate - Advanced
Pronunciation Power 2 is an interactive and user-friendly software program designed for intermediate to advanced English learners of all ages.

Pronunciation Power 2

The Ultimate Pronunciation CD ROM

Pronunciation Power 2 is interactive and user-friendly. It is designed for intermediate to advanced English learners of all ages and contains hundreds of hours of instruction and practice.

  • Learn the 52 sounds necessary to speak clear English
  • Compare your voice to the instructor's voice using the waveform technology
  • See how sounds are made by way of a moving animated side view of the mouth and tongue and/or a front view video of the instructor's mouth
  • Test your listening ability with 650 different sentence exercises
  • Practice your pronunciation through the interactive and exciting exercises including: 780 sample words, 1040 comparative words, and 1040 different sentences
  • Includes an extensive 40 page manual for the STAIR exercises; stress, timing, articulation, intonation, rhythm

Buy Pronunciation Power 2 and improve your English pronunciation immediately!

Pronunciation Power 2 - Gain confidence in your English speaking through our advanced technology!

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Pronunciation Power 2

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