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McAfee Personal Firewall Plus
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus

Windows XP/2000 Pro/ME/98
Protect your PC!
Protect yourself while online with the advanced security of McAfee® Personal Firewall Plus. Easy-to-use, yet highly secure, McAfee Personal Firewall Plus safeguards your PC's connection to the Internet whether you connect via DSL, cable modem, satellite, or dial-up. McAfee Personal Firewall Plus gives you the powerful tools to both control and monitor communication in and out of your PC.

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Xeon Personal Firewall is one of the easiest firewalls to setup and use. Xeon will ask which programs should have access to your internet resources and will detect and prevent any possible breach of your computer security. You have full control of your internet resources with Xeon Personall Firewall. The current Xeon Personal Firewall version is 2.4.

- Control incoming and outgoing traffic and applications using the internet
- runs in the system tray
- logs applications using the internet and all incoming and outgoing traffic
- can block all incoming traffic
- Detects spyware connections to the internet
- Stops hackers from entering your computer

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