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Manage Your Files Effectively

Do it with comfort and a touch of style!

Today's average PC HD has as much as dozens of thousands of various files on it. New Frigate 3 prevents you from sinking in this deep ocean of information.
Frigate 3 file manager will help you not just to manage your files most effectively, but rather do it with comfort and a touch of style. Besides basic file operations, such as copying, moving or deleting files, Frigate 3 can handle compressed and encrypted files (e.g. zip, arj, rar, jar, ace, ha, lha, zoo, limit and hyper). Network and FTP file management is also enabled.

Several handy utilities are bundled with the product: Quick Launch, StartUp Manager, TreeNotes, SmartPad and Calculator, not to mention a built-in graphics viewer (with thumbnails and slideshow view functions) that internally supports many popular file formats, as well as built-in text, rich text and DBF files viewer and editor.

At a more than reasonable price, Frigate 3 is a must have for everyone who wants efficient and convenient file management!

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Basic Features

  • Highly configurable and convenient file management environment
  • Transparent interface. Now you can view the files on ftp or in the archive as easily as you would do it on your local computer
  • Quick view for browsing you photo and music collection or for sorting out that absolute chaos of the Download folder
  • A number of viewers, such as DBF, RTF, HTML, DOC, Excel
  • Additional utilities included (TreeNotes, StartUp Manager, Calculator, SmartPad, and Directory Size Manager)
  • Handy navigation
    • Quick folders (bookmarks). You can easily access the folder that you use the most
    • Favorites, similar to IE's favorites
    • The history of moving around the folders, history of file operations (View and Edit)
  • Built-in file viewers supporting image viewing (jpeg, bmp, gif, ...etc), text editing, web contents (html) browsing, hex viewing, and much more .

File potentialities

  • Well-thought multithreaded program engine allows handling any number of concurrent file operations (copy, download, move, search, extract, compress, upload, ...etc)
  • Integrated support of all common types of compressed archives (Zip, Arj, Rar, Ace, Jar, Ha, Lha and more)
  • Folders comparing system. Is really helpful when you need to detect the list of changes in two files
  • File synchronization system
  • Size manager. Finds the folders that take up too much of HD space
  • Files reconstruction after the break copy process. It is "à must" when a huge file, e.g. a film, is copied
  • Advanced search system, allowing fast searching on local and network disks. Now regular expressions are added.
  • Multi-rename tool
  • Total Commander file plug-ins system support

Text Editor

  • Built-in text viewer features configurable syntax color highlighting for common programming languages (C, C++, Java, Pascal,...), scripting languages (Perl, VBScript, Bat,...) and document markup languages (HTML, XML)
  • Method navigator - quick search of a necessary function or procedure in big/huge/vast files (Pascal, VB, SQL, PHP, Perl and others).
  • HTML support system. Quick type of most often used tags. Internet Explorer view. Code Complection.
  • Export in HTML and RTF with color highlighting. It extremely convenient in publication of your sources into web.


  • View and edit MP3 tags
  • Detailed information about video files
  • Picture operations. All popular formats are supported
    • Image convertor