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How to market your business or digital product with an e-book and protect it from piracy and illegal distribution via a online licensing system

Creating an e-book is a creative way in marketing your business.  What is really unique is that if you want you can create a perpetually dynamic e-book when your contents are always updated. But that is a technique to be told another day. This article will show you how you can market your business with an ebook and how to protect your ebook from piracy and illegal distribution.

Creating an ebook

An e-book is a compilation of web pages put together into a executable binary file. You can use any web page editing software to create your webpages. The ebook works like a web browser and is a web browser when your computer is connected to the Internet. The great thing about an e-book is that you can have hyperlinks that navigate within your e-book and externally to other internet websites.

To create an ebook

To create an ebook, first you need to have created a number of web pages (text, images, sub-directories) all stored in one main directory. Then you use an ebook compiler to compile the e-book into a binary executable. If you don't have an ebook compiler, you can purchase the e-Book compiler by clicking this link.

To license-enable your ebook and prevent others from copying and printing your ebook

  • Even if you plan to distribute your ebook for free, there are a few reasons why you want to incorporate a licensing system into your ebook:

  • You want to know how well distributed is your ebook and how many people are using it.

  • You want to prevent piracy and be able to monitor and terminate usage of a particular licensed ebook when suspected to be illegally distributed.

  • You want to use the same licensing system to montior and license many of your ebooks.

  • You want to obtain your users' emails to follow-up with them.

  • You want to obtain payment before redirecting your customers to a download page where they will be issued with a license code for their downloaded ebook. For example, you can use PayPal to collect your payment before redirecting them to your download page.

  • And more...

To license-enabled your ebook, sign up here with the ClickLocker system.

To protect your ebook from text copying or printing, get this tool WebLockGold.

Putting it all together

With these tools in hand, here's the sequence of putting your ebook out on the Net to sell:
  • Create and compile your ebook.

  • Use WebLockPro to encrypt and protect your ebook.

  • Create your ebook catalog, payment page (include Paypal [Buy] buttons) and download page.

  • Use the software provided by ClickLocker to embed the license checking code into your ebook.

  • Register your ebook with the ClickLocker system on the Internet.

  • Test the entire purchase process.

  • You are now ready to sell.
To give an example of how it works, you can go to this webpage and make a purchase for the WebArmyKnife. If you like the product, you can keep it certainly but if you don't like it just email me and I'll refund you into your PayPal account. The software doesn't have the encryption protection, but to give you an idea of how it can prevent you from copying or printing, you can visit
As the steps to do all the above by yourself is the most economical but can be a little complex if you are not IT-inclined. An alternative is that I can offer to help you create all your ebooks, and host them on my website while pointing the payment to you. We can work out a partnership arrangement so that you can reimburse me on the hosting and service charges. We can discuss further if you are interested in this alternative arrangement.
All the best and feel free to email me any questions.