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Exact Image Disk Backup Solution

Data backup has never been so easy and reliable. The unique Paragon Exact Image solution guides you through the sequence of well-designed, intuitively understandable wizards, while the smart Paragon Engine, qualified with more than 10 years' experience, does the job. It creates an exact hard drive backup image and protects your PC environment in the most simple and effective way, providing you with complete system and data backup.

Choose the entire hard drive or a part of it with Backup Wizard, schedule regular backups with built-in Task Editor, create the secure Backup Capsule for keeping your backup image out-of-eye - and restore at any time with Restore Wizards.

No need to study sophisticated technical issues to keep your data safe. No need to call for some specialist to arrange the backup process. No need to worry about your data security any more.

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Backup/Restore Features
Advanced Backup/Restore Features
Backup Settings
Scheduling Features
User Interface Features
Supported HDD Interfaces
Supported File Systems
Supported CD/DVD Formats
Minimum System Requirements

Backup/Restore Features
Backup/Restore an entire hard disk
Backup/Restore a separate partition (primary, extended, logical)
Backup/Restore the first track of a hard disk
Backup/Restore the MBR
Backup/Restore a combination of disks, partitions etc to/from one archive
Restore a separate partition from a backup image of the whole hard disk
Restore separate files and folders from backup archives
Save backup archives to local/network drives
Burn a backup archive to CD/DVDs (or write them to ISO-image files for later burning)
Set archive names and add comments
Interrupt backup operations if necessary

Advanced Backup/Restore Features
Hot Backup of locked partitions
Reboot to the Windows Blue Screen Module (Windows NT/2000/XP) or to the DOS Module (Windows 9x) when backing up locked partitions (if Hot Backup is disabled)
Backup/Restore to/from the Backup Capsule
Create bootable archives on CD/DVDs
Save backup archives to physical partitions (without drive letters assigned)
Resize while restoring partitions
Verify data when writing

Backup Settings
Disable/Enable Hot Backup (always or only when a partition is locked)
Process all sectors one by one or do not process unused sectors
Skip auxiliary files (pagefile.sys, hyberfil.sys)
Control archive integrity
Compress backup images (No/Fast/Normal/Best)
Encrypt and protect backup images by password
Split backup images (set split size)
Set burning speed (Maximum/Medium/Minimum/Automatic selection)
Set image file names automatically

Scheduling Features
Set types of scheduling (Once/At system startup/At logon/Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
Set a date and time of starting scheduled backup
Manage scheduled tasks by Tasks Editor

User Interface Features
Flexible and adjustable launcher interface
Wizards for all operations
Embedded HTML browser with navigation through toolbars and menus
Multiple means of control and navigation (pull-down menus, user-defined menus, toolbars, active icons, bookmarks)
Contextual operations
Display hard disk configuration in graphic form
Display partition types, file systems, total size, size of used and free space
Display estimated archive size
Display operation progress in graphic form and step by step
Display archive information

Supported HDD Interfaces
IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
USB 1.0/2.0
Support large hard disks (up to 500GB tested, 2TB in theory)

Supported File Systems
NTFS (v1.2, v3.0, v3.1)
Linux Swap
actually, any file system can be backed up and then restored, requiring just some more memory for keeping the resulting backup image

Supported CD/DVD Formats

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Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP (please refer to Drive Backup Professional when you need the Windows NT/2000/2003 Server or Windows PE support)
Intel Pentium CPU or its equivalent, with 300 MHz processor clock speed
Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
128 MB of RAM
Hard disk drive with 40 MB of available space
SVGA video adapter and monitor

Download Free Trial or Get Your Registered Copy Today