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DHTML Menu Maker


With Sothink DHTML Menu builder, to create professional DHTML Drop Down menus is only a few mouse-clicks away! No programming knowledge is required! No need to worry about compatibility. It works in all browsers . . .Try to generate your own DHTML Menu now!




Sothink DHTMLMenu generates robust cross-browser code compatible with almost all available web browsers. The menu can automatically detect the visitors' browser type and load the best script code, so the designers can be free of taking care of the browser compatibility problems. The supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox, Camina and Safari. The code has been fully tested on Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux.

Internet Explorer Netscape Netscape Netscape Opera Mozilla Safari Camina Firefox


Auto highlightingAuto highlight items to indicate where the user is on the web site

Sothink DHTMLMenu can automatically highlight the menu item linking to the current page in browsers without writing any extra code. In the illustration, the Home item is highlighted as the homepage of the site ( is being visiting.

Auto scroll long popup menus

Popup menu has too many items to display? Sothink DHTMLMenu can automatically scroll the long popup menus. Both horizontal and vertical popup menus are supported. The scroll arrow can be fully customized to fit the menu style.

DreamweaverIntegrate with Dreamweaver

Sothink DHTMLMenu can be used with Dreamweaver as an extension. After the extension is installed, the Sothink Menu will be added to Dreamweaver's menubar as illustrated in the picture.

With a few clicks, you can accurately add a menu to your desired position in the design mode. You can also edit the menu later easily without starting from scratch.

Library and Template are fully supported, so you can edit a menu and update all the relevant pages automatically.

FrontPageIntegrate with FrontPage

Sothink DHTMLMenu can be used within FrontPage as an Add-in. Once you install the program, the Sothink Widget Toolbar will appear in FrontPage as shown in the picture.

In the design mode, FrontPage users can accurately insert a menu to the desired position and edit it easily at any moment without leaving the design mode.

Shared Border, Include File and Dynamic Web Template are fully supported, so you can edit a menu and let FrontPage update all the relevant pages for you automatically.

Menu TreeEdit multiple items at one time

You can select multiple items in the Menu Tree as illustrated in the picture, and edit them in the property window at one time. No longer need to select and edit the items one by one. You can also drag and drop multiple items to anywhere in the Menu Tree so as to re-construct the menu.

Create database-driven menu

Item conditions feature makes creating dynamic database-driven menus easier than ever. Item text, links, tips and other properties can be dynamically generated from database by using ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion or other server side code. All you need to do is to input variables in the corresponding fields, and write some conditions (if-else, while, for, etc.) in Item Conditions window instead of manually coding every line of the menu directly on the page. Furthermore, it is not necessary to re-write those conditions when you decide to modify the menu style as those conditions have already been saved in the menu configuration file.

Cross-frame menu

Cross-Frame Wizard guides you to easily generate cross-frame menus for framed web sites, including common Frame, Nested Frame and Iframe. Additionally, more than one menu can be added to a framed web site, which functions perfectly without any problems.

Change TemplateIntelligently change the template

Apart from creating a menu from template, Sothink DHTMLMenu has the ability to change the template for an existing menu. Styles defined in the new template can be inherited intelligently. You can even selectively apply only the desired styles (for example, only font styles) and just ignore the others.

There are over 80 well-designed templates available currently and more are coming soon.

Other Features:

  • Work with Flash & Form objects
    Sothink DHTMLMenu can auto hide those window elements, such as Flash, Form, Iframe, and etc.
  • HTML support
    You can create various menus with special style by directly inputting HTML/JavaScript code, such as table, form, image and etc. For example, you can use HTML/JavaScript to create a menu with multiple columns.
  • Site Navigation Generator
    Sothink DHTMLMenu includes a Site Navigation Generator, which enables you to generate a navigation menu for your site by automatically analyzing the page of an existing web site, generally the index page. The Generator wizard will scan all links on the page and scan the files it linked, and generate a menu based on the relationship and structure of these links.