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WebCafe Manager

Webcafe software is an Cyber Cafe management software capable of solving almost all everyday problems faced by a Cyber cafe owners in managing their customers and cash flow. As a Cyber cafe owner maintaining a customer time in & time out log, manual calculation of the bill amount & bill generation must be some of the problems faced by you. Now, its time to say bye-bye to all of them.

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If any of following thing happens in your cyber cafe then you really need Webcafe Software

- Some one Formatted My Hard Disk and I had to waste the whole day + Pay US$20 for getting back my machine.
- I think My Employee, who sits in cyber cafe does not tell me the exact money collected through out the day and
steals away some money from daily collection
- Some one Deleted windows system files and I had to sit and re-install windows.
- People come and regularly download files and choke up my machine, I want a way to restrict people from downloading files from internet.
- I want Ban surfers to visit X sites, but to do this I have to keep watch on them or purchase Ban Software and to use that I have to enter names of each website
- I want to easily manage Walk-in Post Paid customers and Members
Pre Paid Customers
- I want to manage member account on the fly, and even offer them services from their member account
- I wish to offer service like Tea, coffee, Printing etc in my cyber cafe and want my cyber cafe management software to handle it
- I want to manage and have different Time Slots like Happy Hours, Peak Hours in my Web Cafe but want my web cafe software to do this so that I don't have to worry how many minutes customer sat in which time slot
- I want to know who visited which websites, so that I can help Police if they are hunting for some suspect
- I don't Know how much time in day my machines are occupied and how much time they are actually free.
- I want to know how many times printouts were taken in a day
- I want to give printout of the bill to customer ?

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Features of our Cyber cafe Management Software:

Using the Server Module of Webcafe Software, the administrator can:

1) Automatically get the customers bill once they logoff.
2) Keep a track of all the ¡®In Use¡¯ and ¡®Free¡¯ Machines along with today¡¯s total bills.
3) Shift any user to another free PC. Log off, shut down or restart any PC.
4) Print the Bill in his own format through any text file.
5) Ban Websites, which will restrict any customer from visiting sites having the specified words.
6) Manage Cash Outflows. This will help to get an approximate P/L a/c for any period.
7) Manage Cyber Graffiti; Services; Messages; Advertisements
8) See exhaustive and flexible reports (any grouping and any filter), which can be copied to Excel. He can customize reports to his individual requirement and save it as a template for future use.
9) Manage all Masters like Machines, Member categories, Members, Time Slots, Rates, etc.

Using the Client Module of Webcafe Software, the Customer can:

1) Login either as a member or a walk-in customer. The client module will freeze the usage of any other application till the user has logged in.
2) Order Services like coffee/printing, which will automatically be added to his bill.
3) View and add Caf?Graffiti.
4) See his bill at any time during surfing.
5) Send any message to the administrator. Logoff.

Shareware Limitation

If Webcafe software is unregistered, you can use it for 15 days. If you purchase now, we will email you the key within 24 hours.

Download Webcafe Software Client Presentation here - WEBCAFE SOFTWARE CLIENT
Download Webcafe Software Server Presentation here - WEBCAFE SOFTWARE SERVER

Webcafe Software Pricing

Webcafe software costs only US$25 per client. It is one of the most resonably priced cyber cafe management software available in the market today.

The server module of Webcafe software will allow you to add only those number of machines as many client licenses you have purchased. It is a wise idea to purchase a few more client licenses than the existing no.of computers in your cafe to take care of future expansion plans.

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