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What Does AutoPlay Magic Do?

AutoPlay Magic is an intuitive, easy-to use program that will give your CDs a professional look and feel. AutoPlay Magic's interface is designed to help even the most novice user create CDs that AutoPlay. Check out the features below:
Open any file you like
Display a Splash Screen with sound
Set the CD Icon and Label
Specifiy a License Agreement
Copies all your files for you
Test without burning to CD

Select your File to Launch
  You may select any file you like for AutoPlay Magic to open. After you select your file, AutoPlay Magic will give you file-type specific information to help insure the success of your project.
Display a Splash Screen
  A Splash Screen is a company or product image that is displayed before your presentation starts. Using a Splash Screen is a good way to make your presentation look more professional. You may also specify a sound to play in the background and a background color to fill the screen behind your image.
CD Icon and Label
  When viewing your CD from Windows Explorer, the CD Label and Icon will appear for your CD. You may customize them with this screen.
License Agreement
  You may need to have the user agree to an End User License Agreement (EULA) before they can proceed with your presentation. AutoPlay Magic lets you set out the terms of your EULA, with the added ability of text formatting (bold, colors, links, etc).
Create and Test
  This screen is where it all comes together. Press the 'Create' button and AutoPlay Magic will copy all of your files into a Project Folder. If you are using HTML files, AutoRun will scour through the files and copy any linked files (images, etc) as well. You may press the 'Test' button to test how your CD will work without having to burn. AutoPlay Magic will also give you a list of files that need to be burnt to CD to ensure your project works the first time.

Download AutoPlay Magic

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