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LiteMail 3.0
LiteMail 3.0 is an industrial strength bulk email marketing software. It is powerful enough to create and send the most complex business emails, as well as easy to use so you won't find it hard to send simple notifications to your colleagues. LiteMail projects are completely independent of each other and can handle up to 50,000 contacts each!

You can set separate settings (an ISP, From Email Address, etc) for every project that you create, thus giving you the freedom to handle multiple accounts in a simple and seamless fashion. It allows you to customize your outgoing email mailings with as many fields as you want. It allows you to import data from a several formats including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, etc. You can export to various formats too! It can send Plain Text, HTML as well as multipart messages (Plain Text and HTML in the same message). It includes a fully featured context-sensitive message editor. You can also send messages in HTML format and apply the very same customizations to them.

Any local images used in the HTML message can also be embedded so that your recipients get the entire message - no more red x's! It comes complete with a built in express mail server for fast, multi-threaded delivery and instant delivery status information. But if you prefer you can still opt to use your ISP's SMTP mail server. Simultaneous mailing results in a twelve fold speed increase. It can process incoming subscription and un-subscription requests as well as undeliverable messages from your POP3 server.


LiteMail's powerful contacts grid allows you to view your contacts through various angles. It makes it easy to add and edit contacts as well as create filters, where you can set criteria according to which your email will be sent only to those contacts which fit that criteria.


LiteMail 3.0's powerful contacts grid screen
LiteMail 3.0's email message screen which can be mass mailed in many formats
You can create and send Plain text, HTML or multipart messages. LiteMail allows you to customize your message as well as your subject with as many fields as you import into the contact list.


LiteMail allows you to maintain a separate set of options for every project that you create. This gives you the flexibility to maintain several email mailing lists without the problem of overlapping


LiteMail 3.0's option screen where you can set seperate options for each project
LiteMail 3.0's email message status screen
LiteMail gives you up to the second feedback on your delivery process. You can save your send process as a CSV log file.


Minimum requirements:
Pentium 200 MHZ
25 MB Hard Disk
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP


You can download the 30 day trial version of LiteMail 3.0
from here for free. However, if you want to use it for more than 30 days you will need to purchase it.

The trial version of LiteMail adds the following text to every outgoing message:

"This email has been sent with an unregistered copy of LiteMail ( which has not been paid for.
This message is not present in the registered version."