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Make Money Online with Affilate Programs - Approach One

Make money online with today with affiliate marketing opportunities. Be money efficient and invest wisely as you let your cash advance to make money on the internet. Make money at home or make money from the internet through your own website promoting affiliate programs. As you start to make money in the internet, you'll be transforming debt into wealth, turning traffic into cash and passive income with additional streams of income. Start today and be home make money now!

Here are some business ideas if you think you want to make money on the internet using affiliate programs so that you make money at home. All the steps described here enables you to make money at home with your own website for additional streams of income. You will discover resources to paid or free website templates as well as website promotion tools that keep turning traffic into cash.

Your effort:

  1. Build your own internet business website to market selected products and services using the user-friendly online website content editor. There is no need to download any web page development tool and you can easily work at home or work from home.
  2. Market it aggressively with the given website promotion tools.


Before you start, get yourself a free email account to store all your registration information and your business correspondence, so you won't mixed your business with your personal email account.

Things To Do

Monetary Investment 


STEP 1 - Sign Up To Have Your Own Website

Sign up with for a full-featured webhosting solution with absolute control and flexibility. Domain name registration included. To use this option, you need to be familiar with building web pages or have someone who can do it for you.

Read Details...

US$24.95 monthly

US$10 annual for domain registration

US$10 monthly when someone signs up for the hosting solution under you.

STEP 2 - Sign Up With Providers of Affilate Programs

Sign up with one or more affilate programs below. After signing up, select a few products and services that you would like to promote and register free with them. Some resellers approve applications instantly while others would review before approving.

Offer free screensavers, cliparts, wallpapers and earn

Offer free ecards and earn

Sign up with RegNow free.

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Sign up with Share-a-Sale free.

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Sign up with RichDad to promote RichDad's Tools

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Sign up with MediaPlazza to promote ringtones, logos and more.

Available for U.S., Europe, and some Asia countries...

FREE Commission-based varying 5% - 50%

STEP 3 - Plan and Build Your Website

Start building your website with your home page. If you need website templates to start, you can get them here. Click on the banners below to get the templates. Some of them are free website templates.

101 Web Template

If you need scripts, you can get some free scripts here.

Depends on Template and Design 20% commission if you join the affiliate programme

STEP 4 - Do it right. Optimize Your Site for Search Engines.

To get your website search-engine friendly right at the beginning, use WordTracker to find the most popular keywords being search on the Internet.

WebPosition Gold FREE WebPosition Gold Software: Invaluable tool to save you time and to help build traffic to your web site. WebPosition Gold reports your site's search positions and then helps you improve them. Download your free copy today! 


Depends on the duration of subscription 15% if you join its affiliate program

STEP 5 - Verify Your Site Readiness for Search Engine Indexing

If you have completed your website, you can validate your website with InstantPosition's Search Engine Doctor.

FREE Not Applicable

STEP 6a - Submit to Search Engines with Guaranteed Inclusion

Website promotion is a necessary step. Once your website is completed, website promotion is the next step. This is likely for you to submit your website to the search engines for the first time. If you don't have a budget for this step, it's fine to skip this step. This step helps to jump start and make your website visible on the Internet faster. Click on the banner to start your submission.

Depends on your purchase options Not Applicable

STEP 6b - Sign up with AdLandPro to increase your website traffic

Submit your website to 680,000 web directories as part of your website promotion efforts.

Subscribe to AdLandPro Newsletters for great tips on marketing and promotion of your website

FREE Affiliate Program Available for Sign Up

STEP 6c - Use a Submission Wizard to simply your submissions

If you have a limited budget, you can consider using a program like the Exploit Submission Wizard.

The Submission Wizard is a website promotion tool for Windows, designed to help you get your website into the search engines,  and keep it there.   Click here to find out more about the one and only Exploit Submission Wizard,  selected by Microsoft for their 'Shareware of the Week' award.

Depends on your purchase options Not Applicable

STEP 6d - Submit to Free Search Engines

For a free submission, you can use the search engine submitter within your website administrative area. It would still make free submissions but it would take a much longer time (9 months and above) to become really visible on the Internet.

Or you can make an instant submission here!

FREE Not Applicable

STEP 7 - Automate your newsletters with unlimited autoresponders

AWeber Demo
Capture Hidden Profits with Unlimited Autoresponders
AWeber's automated unlimited autoresponder follow up increases sales, lowers costs, builds lasting customer relationships, and increases your profits!
Find out how with Unlimited Autoresponders.
Check Price Plan Not Applicable

STEP 8 - Increase Your Traffic by Mass Mails

If you want to use a good mass mailing software to market your website to your friends and customers (please don't spam and get yourself into trouble), you can use this software.

US$49.95 Available as a RegNow affiliate

Step 9 - Create Your Own Web Toolbar for Your Customer

Use your own customised web toolbar and stick to your customers until they buy your products. This software will help you do just that!

Read Details... 

Check the website Affiliate Program Available

All the best! I hope these small business ideas would help you in starting a small business on the Internet using affiliate programs and working from home. If you have further questions, you can email me and I'll try to answer them.

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