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 The Business Performance Organiser 
Organisation Modelling for Quality Driven Companies.........

Why a Performance Organiser?
In many places across the globe, Governments are signing up to abide by international standards like ISO 9000. Many Government bodies use the standards they apply as a filter in their tender process, "if you don't meet our standards, don't bother to apply". Those companies that cannot prove standards compliance immediately deny themselves access to probably the biggest market in their country.

Other techniques like the Balanced Scorecard are being applied by corporations across the globe because they have definite clearly measureable business advantages, they provide the means to align organisation and strategy, in short, they give an organisation the means to focus. Click to see Overview demonstration

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Apply Best Practice as a Normal Part of Your Work.....

Many companies fight shy of trying to use techniques like the Balanced Scorecard, ISO 9000 etc because they do not know how to go about it, or it costs to much. The Performance Organiser provides a planning framework to apply best practice techniques in a cost effective and comprehensive way. It is not "quick fix, silver bullet software", it is a tool designed to support the planning and analysis effort required to successfully implement best practice, that can be used by just about anyone, without needing to be taught the principles behind the techniques it supports, or to buy in expensive external consultancy advice.

Be in Control of Your Planning Method..........

With the Performance Organsier you can design and define the relationships between your organisation, objectives, proceses, performance measures, resources and key personnel. You can include existing documents in your model, you can distribute your model to your management team and collate the changes they make into a "master" plan. Cascade your model, let it grow in detail as far as you choose to let it. Link the Performance Organiser to our Web Site Generator and you can publish as much of your business plan as you want to your intranet and beyond, on demand. Gain control of your planning process, communicate effectively with your team....... View Demonstation.

Several Levels of "Buy In"

The PO is not just a management planning product. In order to make a management planning process effective, there needs to be "buy in" at all levels of the organisation concerned. To that end, the PO has several secondary levels of functionality beyond management analysis. The PO can be used as an image librarian or as an E Mail address book for example. We have also set out quite deliberately to avoid "wheel inventing". In many organisations there are likely to be planning documents in existance already that are used for quality management purposes. To that end, the PO supports links to many third party applications like the Microsoft Office? suite. View Demonstration.

Modular, Structured, Cost Effective

The PO is the core element of our development approach which is to build the most comprehensive and cost effective, general purpose, and modular management planning software available. The first module, an HTML Generator, can be used to by none techncial staff to build a complete quality driven web site in just two mouse clicks. We are actively developing subsidiary modules to support Materials Resource Planning (MRP), financial modelling (including Monte Carlo analysis) and internal quality review. View demonstration.


The Performance Organiser costs just US$350.00 per user. We have a 30 day 100% satisifaction guarantee scheme. You can download immediately after making the purchase. Click HERE to buy now!


The Performance Organiser Website Generator
Communicate Your Business Plan Quickly Whenever You Need To
The Web site generator can be used by anyone, not just the IS/IT professional to generate a complete business based web site to communicate your business plan. Once configured, the generator requires absolutely no technical knowledge whatsoever. Site generation and publication can be accomplished in as little as two mouse clicks. Click here to view a sample site.
The Web Site Generator is an official Performance Organiser and PO "Lite" add on, in order to use the generator you MUST have either product installed on your system