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Second Copy® 2000 is the latest upgrade to our award winning product Second Copy® 97.  Designed for Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP it offers even easier and more powerful ways of making backup of your important files and folders.

Second Copy® arranges your backup need in sets of "profiles". Each profile is a set of file and folder specifications which tells Second Copy®, what you want to be copied, to where, and when. Once configured, Second Copy® monitors the "source" folders for changes or updates and copies new or changed files to the "destination". This process is done unobtrusively in the background.

Second Copy® includes an easy to use profile wizard that guides you through the setup process. The setup process is separated into Express and Custom modes. In Express mode, you answer three simple questions (what, where and when) about the files to be backed up.

Advanced users can use the Custom setup option to define specific files to be included in or excluded from the copy. They can also chose how the files are to be copied, e.g. compression, synchronization etc.

Second Copy® is a full 32-bit multi-threaded program which lets you tailor the performance by controlling the priority of the background processes.

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Feature Highlights

  • Explorer style user interface
  • Easy setup wizard
  • Year 2000 compliant
  • Compression
  • Synchronization
  • Automatic scheduled copies
  • Archival of up to 25 old versions
  • Activity log in RTF format
  • Multi-threaded background processing
  • Support for all LANs
  • Support for removable drives
  • Universal Naming Convention (UNC) support
  • Tabbed grouping of profiles
  • Auto-login
  • Support for hardware profiles
  • Password protect profiles
  • Limit log entries
  • Disk spanning
  • Automatic deletion detection during synchronization
  • More scheduling options
  • Run profiles at Windows shutdown without the 20 second time limit
  • Run programs before and after running the profiles
  • Use of archive bit
  • Limit log size
  • and more...

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