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McAfee SpamKiller
McAfee SpamKiller

Windows XP/2000 Pro/ME/98
It's the best reply to Spam!

Get the email you want and nothing else. McAfee SpamKiller quickly and easily helps you stop spam from polluting your inbox with advanced filtering technology. Whether you want to eliminate spam as quickly and easily as possible, or crave the power to fight back, McAfee SpamKiller is for you.

Best of all, for maximum convenience, SpamKiller integrates directly with Outlook and Outlook Express while also working with other popular PC email programs. It's the best way to get only the email you want and nothing else!

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  • Automatically identifies and removes junk email
  • Helps protect against fraudulent emails and scams
  • Scam filters block virus hoaxes and email pitches that can lead to identity theft
  • Blocks future spam based on "self-learning" technology
  • "Dictionary Attack" filter defeats name-generating software
  • Blocks foreign-language spam
  • Blacklists known spammers
  • Friends List recognizes email from legitimate addresses
  • Updates spam filters automatically
  • Filters spam quickly and silently in the background
  • Creates custom spam filters
  • Protects children from inappropriate email
  • Filters email from multiple accounts
  • Reports spam to McAfee
  • Integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express
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  • Blocks Unwanted and Inappropriate Emails
    • McAfee SpamKiller's easy-to-use Personal Filter Editor lets you block messages based on content, subject lines and other characteristics.
    • For fastest relief, One-Click Block automatically generates both a content-based and sender-based filter.
    • Based on spam blocked, McAfee SpamKiller trains and personalizes its core filtering engine to block similar spam using predictive analysis ("self-learning") techniques.
    • An automatic Friends List ensures email is always received from friends, family and co-workers.
  • Filters Multiple Email Accounts
    • McAfee SpamKiller sets up in minutes on multiple accounts. Running efficiently in the background, automatic filtering eliminates spam for multi-user PCs and families sharing accounts.
    • Advanced filter technology quarantines questionable mail and places it in a blocked email folder for automatic deletion. The blocked email folder can be password protected for parents wishing to protect children from unsuitable content.
    • With Microsoft Outlook Integration, you can block spam, add friends and view blocked messages directly from the toolbars within Outlook Express 6.0 and Outlook 98, 2000 or XP. McAfee SpamKiller also works with POP3, MAPI and MSN/Hotmail accounts.
  • Updates Protection Against New Types of Spam
    • Spammers are always exploring new ways of delivering unwanted email, and McAfee SpamKiller continually provides the most current anti-spam technology available to stop them. New filter updates are automatically downloaded and installed daily to counter the latest spam threats.
    • To prevent random spam attacks through name-generating software - the most prevalent type of spam - McAfee SpamKiller uses proprietary technology that keeps spammers from finding and using your name (e.g.,,, Powerful "Dictionary Attack" filtering detects minor variations in an email's TO: or CC: fields and blocks emails it detects using these techniques.
  • Reports Spammers to Service Providers
    • For future relief from spam, McAfee SpamKiller can send an error message back to the originator so it appears your email is invalid - which keeps your address off spammer lists.
    • McAfee SpamKiller reports spam abuse to Web hosts and Internet Service Providers, while encouraging users to report undetected spam email directly to McAfee. If a new threat is identified, this notification can result in quick filter updates for all McAfee SpamKiller users.