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The PrivacyKeyboard

The PrivacyKeyboardTM for Microsoft. Windows. NT/2000/XP Workstations is the FIRST product of its kind in the world that can provide every computer with strong protection against ALL types of keylogging programs and keylogging hardware devices, both known and unknown, currently in use or presently being developed worldwide. Once installed PrivacyKeyboardTM will protect your privacy immediately and constantly.

The PrivacyKeyboardTM automatically deactivates all running keylogging software programs and hardware devices on your PC and allows you to ensure a more secure method to record your customer-selected information (passwords, logins, PIN etc.).

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Anti-keyloggerTM is a program designed to combat against various types of intrusion and monitoring programs currently in use or presently being developed worldwide. Unlike the typical "antivirus" approach, it does not rely on pattern-matching, so it may work on new or unknown types of activity monitoring programs.

These applications can help you to detect and eliminate (deactivate) threats to the integrity and security of your computer network

Scan your system NOW with  Anti-keyloggerTM and find out if your computer activities are being spied upon!

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